About Dietetic

Dietitians are experts in food and nutrition. Our dietetic service provide individual dietary counselling, medical nutrition therapy and group dietary therapy. We work closely with patients to monitor and evaluate their health and nutritional needs for people with health conditions such as diabetes, overweight and obesity, cancer, heart disease, renal disease, gastro-intestinal diseases and food allergies. We also help manage health conditions by modified and specifically tailored diet to maintain their health to reduce the risk of developing chronic disease.

Fee for dietetic service

Service / ProcedureService Fee
Patients with Chronic Disease Team Management Plan: Bulk-Billed
Initial consultation$65
Review consultation$55
Group consultation$40


  • Private Health Insurance cover applies based on the individual’s coverage for non-Medicare covered sessions.

Please call the practice for further details and make appointment bookings

Payment by Visa, EFPOTS, Hicaps Available

*Note: A non-attendance fee of $35 for GP consultations or 50% of consultation fee for non GP consultations will be applied if you:
– do not attend,
– reschedule within 5 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time,
– cancel within 5 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.
This fee will need to be paid prior to your next consultation.