Skin Cancer Check & Dermatoscopy

Among the entire globe, Australia has the highest rate of skin cancers. This is due to the defect in the ozone layer in our beautiful Australian sky. The lack of knowledge of skin protection prior to the 80’s has led to the skyrocketing rate of skin cancers in Australian older generation.

Conditions such as Squamous Cell Carcinoma ( SCC ), Basal Cell Carcinoma ( BCC ) and malignant Melanoma ( MM ) and amongst the most common conditions that can be diagnosed and managed promptly at a community level.

Here we use Dermatoscopy technique to assess skin lesions. Dermatoscope magnifies skin lesion up to 10 times either using polarised or non polarised light source. SCC, BCC and MM all exhibit specific patterns that can significantly increase the accuracy rate of diagnosis. The outcome will be reduction of a lot of unnecessary painful and expansive skin lesion excision surgery. Our doctor is trained with Professional Certificate in Dermatoscopy at Bond University, Australia.

Here we offer half yearly whole body skin check using Dermatoscopy technique.

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